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Full report  
Land Securities Annual Report 2009PDF (5348 KB)  
Report of the Directors  
Our prioritiesPDF (60 KB)  
All you need to knowPDF (59 KB)  
Performance overviewPDF (205 KB)  
Key performance indicatorsPDF (48 KB)  
Our Chairman’s messagePDF (67 KB)  
Chief Executive’s reportPDF (155 KB)  
Financial reviewPDF (231 KB)  
Business reviewPDF (845 KB)  
Why conduct a Rights Issue?PDF (49 KB)  
Group business reviewPDF (87 KB)  
Our risks and how we manage themPDF (63 KB)  
Retail PortfolioPDF (388 KB)  
London PortfolioPDF (427 KB)  
Board of DirectorsPDF (154 KB)  
Corporate responsibilityPDF (216 KB)  
Corporate governancePDF (90 KB)  
Directors’ remuneration reportPDF (200 KB)  
Financial statements  
Directors’ statement of responsibilitiesPDF (47 KB)  
Independent auditors’ reportPDF (52 KB)  
Income statementPDF (42 KB)  
Income statement spreadsheet XLS (22 KB) 
Notes to the Income statementPDF (151 KB)  
Statement of recognised income and expensePDF (42 KB)  
Statement of recognised income and expense spreadsheet XLS (18 KB) 
Balance sheetsPDF (43 KB)  
Balance sheets spreadsheet XLS (23 KB) 
Notes to the Balance sheetsPDF (181 KB)  
Cash flow statementsPDF (43 KB)  
Cash flow statements spreadsheet XLS (24 KB) 
Notes to the Cash flow statementsPDF (242 KB)  
Notes to the financial statementsPDF (407 KB)  
Investor resource  
Business analysisPDF (86 KB)  
Investor analysisPDF (239 KB)  
Five year summaryPDF (44 KB)  
Investor informationPDF (74 KB)  
GlossaryPDF (36 KB)  
IndexPDF (41 KB)  
Contact detailsPDF (71 KB)  
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