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We believe CR is about practical, responsible and sustainable action over the long term, using the expertise and dedication of our people to create buildings that are good for us as a company, for our customers and for the communities in which we operate.

People make property

From architects to builders, and investors to residents, property is all about people. At Land Securities, we aim to attract and retain the best, encourage and empower them to improve our business and the businesses of our customers, and support them in achieving their personal goals. We also like to work with like-minded partners who share our values.

Great design doesn’t guarantee great buildings

It goes without saying that good design is crucial to a good building. But a great one needs so much more: a feel for heritage, a respect for the environment and a supportive, collaborative owner that involves the community to ensure its properties deliver long-term rewards for occupiers, stakeholders and shareholders.

Modern buildings improve communities

That’s a dangerous assumption, especially if its impact on a community’s character is overlooked. That’s why we take a long-term view. We take the time to develop partnerships so our properties have a positive impact on their locations, our presence is valued and we get involved in events that bring everyone closer together.

“We spend a lot of time engaging with local authorities and others to improve the social fabric of their communities. If that process works well, we have a more sustainable investment, something vibrant, well-integrated and enduring for us and for local stakeholders”

Francis Salway
Chief Executive



Our intention is to be the employer of choice in the property sector. To do that, we must attract, recruit and retain exceptional employees who will add value to our business and our customers’ businesses. And to do that, we need to help every one of our 700 employees to reach their full potential.


We are committed to equal opportunities and a diverse and inclusive workplace in which everyone is treated with respect. Our adherence to the UN Declaration on Human Rights underpins all our policies, systems and actions.

Learning and development

The vast majority of our people have a learning and development plan in place, to ensure they develop the core skills and behaviours we need to be successful. Almost every person who took training last year reported they were satisfied with the support they received.


Our wellbeing programme helps employees maintain fitness and health. Almost a quarter of our employees have registered to use BUPA’s Positive Health online tool, which enables them to undertake a health and wellbeing assessment and get practical advice on improving health, diet, stress, sleep and other lifestyle issues.

Employee engagement survey

This year more than four out of five employees responded to our survey. Their feedback suggests we are making progress across training, leadership, career development and community activities.

What also came through from this year’s comments was that they like the people they work with and the jobs they do. They feel empowered to make decisions, believe the company takes corporate responsibility seriously, and rate us highly on issues such as communication, strategy and vision.


Because we believe volunteering supports personal development, builds community spirit and demonstrates our CR principles at work, we actively encourage volunteering and offer extra time off in return. This year, 326 employees (around 20% of our workforce, including Trillium) took part in volunteering activities. We’d like that to grow to 50% by 2010.

Our regional grant programmes include our Capital Commitment Fund, which has helped 35 community groups and projects in Southwark, Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Islington. Activities include summer play schemes, community festivals, a trip to the seaside, homework clubs and anti-bullying workshops in schools.

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As a landlord, our remit stretches from providing our tenants with the best possible service through to safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all who come into contact with our operations. We’re never complacent about such matters and always strive to improve our performance, but with our Retail business winning the Property Managers’ Association 2008 Landlord of the Year title, it looks like we’re heading in the right direction.

“Retail as a business is facing a challenging time and more than ever needs to be supported by a robust approach to CR, aligning our approach with our customers to ensure we all benefit. There are no short cuts or areas that don’t matter if we are to strive for excellence in all that we do.”

Richard Akers
Managing Director, Retail Portfolio

Customer satisfaction

Happy customers are crucial to our success, and we measure customer satisfaction on three levels – overall satisfaction, willingness to recommend and communication. In our latest annual customer satisfaction survey, conducted among 282 participants at 15 of our shopping centres, 97% of the tenants questioned said they would be willing to recommend us as a landlord, while all our scores for communication and responsiveness either equalled or exceeded our highest to date.

Health and safety

Like all responsible businesses, we have a commitment to ensure the safety of staff, tenants and visitors. We have policies and procedures in place to underpin our daily activities. We regularly report on RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) accidents, events and near misses. And we audited 153 properties last year, including those of our contractors and partners, to measure performance across the Group and ensure our legal and contractual obligations are being met.

Our commitment extends to reminding all employees of the importance of identifying and managing risks at work. In the last year this has involved:

  • A dedicated health and safety week.
  • A personal health and safety e-learning course for all employees.
  • An additional course for line managers on managing health and safety.

The training forums and safety audits that Gunwharf Quays instigated were singled out for particular praise when it won the Gold Award for occupational health and safety from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

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Strong relationships are the lifeblood of any community, and we work hard to ensure we play our part as a long-term partner. We start to forge these relationships well in advance of the planning process, because we want our schemes to foster a sense of local ownership and civic pride.

“We’re not just interested in building commercial properties; we also want to build communities. That is why we have been pioneering the use of art and other improvements to the public realm to transform sites such as Bankside into places to be enjoyed by all. And why we give financial support to many local groups and charities through our recently enhanced Capital Commitment Fund.”

Mike Hussey
Managing Director, London Portfolio

Planning and consultation

We never undertake a major scheme without listening to those likely to be affected by it. Residents can have concerns about disruption from building works or additional pressures on parking, but we take all views on board and try to address them appropriately.

For example, our plans for the 2.5-hectare Victoria Transport Interchange development incorporated feedback from local residents, council representatives and the Greater London Authority, and were given the green light by Westminster City Council. But even then, the project came in for considerable public scrutiny, so we held a four-day public exhibition including models, video presentations, traffic modelling and an information pack to give everyone a chance to find out more and influence the final design.

Design and the public realm

We feel strongly that our developments should improve and enhance the public realm, so we design schemes that incorporate eye-catching views and open vistas. In the past, buildings were often designed to look imposing and keep the public out, but that time has passed. Today’s schemes incorporate a mix of residential, retail and office use so that they can be a productive place of work by day and a safe, restful home by night, as well as provide room to breathe, public access and even somewhere to shop.

Buildings can create a new sense of place and community, as illustrated by New Street Square, where an eye-catching combination of design and public art have created a more welcoming and accessible environment. A public art strategy for the area was agreed back in 2005, and commissions from two artists have been installed since the scheme’s opening. Jonathan Clarke’s freestanding sculptures act as a focal point to draw the public through to the new pedestrian arcade, and provide elements to lean against or sit on. Suspended from a canopy running the length of the arcade, Ron Haselden’s ‘Day and Night, Night and Day’ is a tapestry of curved neon lights, each of which can be programmed to change, through an infinite number of colours, by workers in the surrounding buildings.

Each ‘design’ is intended to stay in place for some time, providing a restful, silent work that gives the onlooker time to reflect on it.

Meanwhile, at Cabot Circus, Bristol, visitors will see ‘Twist’, a 65-foot, wind- and solar-powered illuminated tower that forms part of a city-wide public art programme, and at Princesshay, there are four permanent commissions celebrating the historical importance of Exeter.

Community investment – Retail

Our retail schemes are a significant source of local employment, which can contribute to the vibrancy of the community. In Bristol, the development of Cabot Circus generated 3,500 construction jobs and over 4,000 permanent posts, from cleaners and caterers to security staff and sales assistants. By teaming up with West at Work, we were able to provide job seekers with free confidence-building courses, CV and job application workshops, specialist retail training events, a dedicated vacancies website and the ‘Cabot Circus Jobs Bus’.

Shopping centres are also ideal places to give young people interested in retail careers a chance to develop their skills and knowledge. For example, Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow co-runs a Retail Academy. Participants are guaranteed work placements, interviews and other assistance by the centre and its retailers, and most go on to get full-time jobs.

Our many other mentoring schemes and work placements include:

  • Supporting the Construction Youth Trust by hosting site visits for ‘Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment’ students and holding career events, where students are able to discuss their plans with industry professionals.
  • The national Young Enterprise scheme, where our Retail staff help young people to learn about business by running virtual companies.

Our Community Link programme fosters close working relationships between our centre management teams and key stakeholders such as schools, encouraging them to support curriculum-based activities by working alongside local businesses. At White Rose in Leeds and Stratford Centre in London we also run study support centres for students.

Community investment – London

Long-term commitment to communities underpins Land Securities’ investments in London. Over the last four years, Land Securities has contributed over £500,000 to its own Capital Commitment Fund, which has been used to help over 100 community groups. In 2008, these included Westminster Befriend a Family, which used its grant to take 200 underprivileged families to Brighton for the day, giving vulnerable and disadvantaged children a chance to enjoy a trip to the beach – many for the first time.

During the year a review was undertaken to identify areas of improvement for charitable giving which would enable the delivery of a strategic and coordinated approach, one that would help align our objectives with the wider aspirations for central London Local Authorities and the Greater London Authority. The review also informed our decision to restructure the Capital Commitment Fund into two strands, one a flow through programme benefiting groups in Tower Hamlets, Islington, Camden and Southwark. The second, the creation of the Westminster Fund, an endowment fund established with our community partner, the Capital Community Foundation, to benefit community groups for many years to come.

Our investment will now be targeted at the areas in most need and in support of the most vulnerable groups. All charitable giving will be based on three thematic criteria – Education, Housing/Homelessness and Young people – and will be assessed via a new Corporate Community Investment Panel.

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Target % achieved
Design all new Group developments to be 20% below the prevailing Building Regulation requirements for CO2 emissions N/A Reflecting economic conditions, all schemes that were planned to commence on site were postponed.
Achieve a 5% reduction in the CO2 emissions associated with energy use in managed office and retail premises, thereby reducing the cost of our commitment to offset emissions arising from energy use in our own occupied offices, and common parts of shopping centres 92%
Produce a case study analysis of energy and CO2 performance for the six properties audited in 2007/08 which account for 30% of energy usage across the London Portfolio 100%
Evaluate existing biodiversity conditions before commencing development and demonstrate that the completed scheme improves the quality of the habitat and the number of species of flora present N/A No scheme was at such an advanced stage that we were able to measure biodiversity enhancements.
Achieve a minimum level of 20% recycled content by weight or value in every new development N/A No projects were at the appropriate stage of design.
Monitor the performance at all occupied premises of grey-water recycling and rain water harvesting 100%
Benchmark water usage across the London Portfolio and survey 50% of these sites for opportunities to reduce water consumption 100%
Undertake a trial of the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) project – specific registration scheme at Trillium’s Falkirk development to ensure the timber comes from sustainably managed sources 100%
Reuse or recycle 85% of demolition and construction waste for projects covered by Site Waste Management Plans 94%
Reuse or recycle 85% of office waste generated at our own Head Office premises 96%
Increase the rate of recycling by an average of 5% across all managed shopping centres, with no centre falling below its 2007/08 recycling rate 86%
Submit all new major office, retail warehouse premises and retail shopping centre developments for BREEAM assessment with a minimum target of ‘very good’ 100%
Ensure that every shopping centre develops and implements a site-specific Environmental Management Programme 100%
Ensure that Trillium’s managed PPP projects are certified to ISO 14001 within the scope of its Environmental Management System N/A Due to the sale of Trillium the measurement was unable to be completed.
Refine the environmental benchmarking process for managed offices and shopping centres to facilitate meaningful comparisons 100%
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Target % achieved
Recruit 10% of all new catering and cleaning staff into the Trillium supply chain through agencies which support disabled and disadvantaged people 100%
Engage in regular meetings with the Top 10 Service Partners (measured by contract value) to agree a Joint Programme of community investment and volunteering 100%
Benchmark the Top 20 category 2 suppliers (measured by contract value) to determine the extent of their compliance with the CR criteria in the Group supplier evaluation questionnaire 100%
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Target % achieved
Exceed the value of community investment achieved in 2007/08 as measured by the Community Investment Reporting system, and ensure the system is used across the Group to record the full range of community-based activities 96%
Supplement the Capital Commitment Fund of £150,000 by securing additional sources of external funding 100%
Pilot a web-based learning system to deliver community-based safety awareness training to schools in communities in which the Group operates 25% Budgetary demands over the life of the project meant that this has been halted.
Develop a structured Work Experience programme in Trillium which can be made available to schools in the Trillium portfolio 100%
Introduce, to a minimum of 10 Shopping Centres, a Childsafe Awareness Scheme giving assurance as to the safety and welfare of children in retail centres 100%
Establish formal Community Link programmes at three retail development sites to support a range of training and skills development initiatives aimed at promoting local employment 100%
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Target % achieved
Ensure out-performance across the Group of the Expert Training Systems (ETS) benchmark on employee engagement 100%
Contribute actively to local communities by encouraging 30% of the Group’s staff to volunteer time and expertise through the Land Securities Foundation 100%
Encourage 8% of staff to participate in charitable giving through the payroll 93%
Ensure that at least 60% of staff, as measured by the Employee Engagement Survey, believe that Land Securities’ Learning and Development platform meets their individual needs and enables them to develop their careers 100%
In support of our commitment to diversity, through the Employee Engagement Survey, measure staff perception of the statement ‘our employee profile reflects the communities in which we work’ 100%
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Target % achieved
Achieve 90% overall customer satisfaction rating on the DWP Contract 100%
As part of our partnership with DWP, ensure the joint ‘Invest to Save’ initiative achieves in 2008/09 a 6% reduction in energy consumption against the baseline agreed with DWP 100%
Develop a customer service improvement plan for each Public Private Partnership (PPP) project managed by Trillium N/A This target was deemed non-applicable due to the Trillium sale.
Increase to 3.8 the customer satisfaction ratings across the five key performance areas identified by the London Portfolio in its 2007 surveys 40% Achieved on two out of five measures. Although the other three saw improvements, progress was assessed at 40%.
Achieve an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.8 in the annual London office portfolio survey 100%
Achieve an overall customer satisfaction rating of 3.85 in annual shopping surveys undertaken by Retail 100%
In response to customer requests develop and pilot a Sustainability Guide for retailers 75% Draft guide produced, expected to be published in 2009.
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Target % achieved
Conduct separate surveys of investors and analysts in order to benchmark the quality of the Group’s investor relations and to establish comparative data for future surveys 100%
Hold five one-to-one tailored meetings with Socially Responsible Investors (SRIs) focusing on the aspects of the Group’s CR programme which are of particular interest 20% One meeting in the year with the economic downturn hampering the engagement process.
Increase from 10% to 15% the number of investors subscribing to e-communications 30% Currently 11.5% of investors signed up to e-communications. To sign up for e-communications go to
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Health & Safety

Target % achieved
Certify one further workstream or business activity to the international standard OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety Management Systems 100%
Benchmark against the Health and Safety Executive’s Corporate Health and Safety Performance Index (CHaSPI), and achieve a top 10% rating against its peers 100%
Report monthly on contractor performance across all construction projects, collating information on fatalities, RIDDOR and non-RIDDOR reportable injuries, near misses and lost days 75% All Group businesses were monitoring by the end of the year
Create an environment in which 50% of employees believe their health and wellbeing is supported 100%
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